At R4 Mechanical in Campbell River we specialize in designing and installing solar hot water systems that can stand alone or integrate with your existing gas hot water heaters, oil or electric hot water heaters and on-demand heating sytems. Solar water heaters are a viable option fo those living in Cambpell River as well as those on Quadra and Cortes Islands and in remote loctions in and around the northern Gulf Islands, north central Vancouver Island and the west coast of BC.

The idea of utilizing solar energy to heat water has been around for years but the last 20 years have been significant advances that have increased the amount of solar energy that can be converted to hot water in your home or business.

Solar water heaters make use of the sun's solar energy to generate heat. This generated heat is used to provide hot water, and heating for residential, commercial and industrial use and hot water for industrial processes.

Solar hot water heating systems are viable option for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of a free energy source that can be converted to hot water?

At R4 Mechanical in Campbell River we represent two innovative, forward thinking solar heating and cooling companies. Enerworks offers patented solar technology and appropriately - sized, integrated solar water heating sytems that are designed to meet your specific needs and are suitable for all climates.

Apricus Solar Hot water offers a variety of solar hot water heating solutions including evacuated tube solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors and have a line of dedicated solar hot water tanks.

If you are considering a hot water or heating solution that reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and which can also save you money with reduced energy costs contact R4 Mechanical in Campbell River for more information.

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